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    Basic Student Pilot Flight Bag - Dual Headset

    If you're looking for a basic and inexpensive starter flight bag, this may be the one. It's very attractive, has two zippered headset side-pockets, a wide-side zippered pouch inside and out, adjustable inside divider, bottom reinforcement piece, wide...

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    Replacement Flight Bag Shoulder Strap

    This replacement flight bag shoulder strap works with any flight bag out there! Try it with AEROPhoenix, Jeppesen, ASA, or Flyboys bags!Features:Adjustable Shoulder PadPolymer Hardware - non-maring, metal detector friendly, no springs to break or wear...

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    Aerial Flight Bag

    This latest flight bag from AEROPhoenix looks like another winner, gaining positive feedback about its size and GPS/handheld pouch. The main compartment, measuring 9.5" wide x 8" deep and 9" tall, has a "radio" pouch, 2 pen/pencil, and flashlight holder...

3 of 3 Items